Event: Big Boss Fiesta Birthday

Big Boss Fiesta Birthday

Saturday, 30-September from 10:00pm

A sizzling soirée with a side of extra-spicy !

When the Big Boss is in town — our Lovely Lasses always make extra-sure our patrons are in for a special treat. But when it's the Big Boss's birthday bash — strap in for a evening of epic proportions!!

  • Sizzling shows with our Ladies showcasing their sensational skills
  • Fabulous finger foods to fuel the fun!
  • Ice-cold drinks and pulsating music to keep the party going!

If you haven't been here before to help the Big Boss celebrate a birthday, make your way here to welcome him back from another trip around the Sun !!

Get here early and plan to stay late - there's just so much in store for all!

(Warning: attending Katoeys Are Us events may be habit-forming !!)